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Welcome, Brandi fanciers, fellow Brandi fans and Brandi Passante admirers. You have come to the right place.

Here at, we are utterly dedicated to Brandi, providing the best photos of her, best and most up-to-date information on her and even a special Marriage Proposal section. Yes, we know she is currently attached, but for how long? How long will she stay with her common law husband, Jarrod Schulz? Probably not much longer, so you better be ready!

She is so hot! And cute!

Brandi Passante is HOT

Brandi Passante

Hot photos!

About Brandi

Marry her!

She's still hooked up with that weirdo Jarrod Schulz, but we have good word their relationship is on the rocks. Be the first in line to let her know you want her hand in marriage!

Brandi Passante is star of A&E's very popular Storage Wars. She is known for her feisty personality, smarts and nice chest, which are considered some of the best chests ever on TV!

We have the best photos of Brandi, including many shots and the highest quality. Stay tuned for more photos, hopefully of her single!

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brandi storage wars
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Does she impress us? Yes, yes she does

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